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XS Typing provides professional, reliable UK transcription services and audio typing online to businesses of all sizes throughout the country. Based in London and Leeds, our team of experienced audio secretaries and transcribers understand the importance of you having a clear, well presented, accurate typewritten version corresponding word for word to what has been said during your recording.

Recorded interviews, meetings and events, no matter how short or long they are, can be typed up quickly, accurately and cost effectively. The transcribed files are returned to you in your required format when you need them, leaving you and your team free to focus on the more important elements of running your business.

Why choose XS Typing?

Outsourcing your transcription and typing requirements to XS Typing allows you to save on fixed labour costs and only pay for the audio transcribing you need, when you need it. We can also help ease the burden in busy periods or when administration staff are stretched, off sick or on leave.

There are no minimum orders or fixed contracts to tie you in, allowing you maximum flexibility with no commitments.

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If you use a recording device or dictation machine to record interviews, surveys, meetings or correspondence, you can simply upload your audio files and we’ll type them up.  Select the turnaround time you require and one of our online Dictaphone transcribers will do the rest.


For those who don’t have sound recording facilities, we offer a dedicated UK dial-in dictation line. Simply call 08432 898 338 and read out what you would like us to type up. When you hang up, the recorded file will be allocated to a transcriptionist who will type up the recording and email you the document.


In addition to our audio typing and transcription services, we also offer a virtual secretarial assistant service. Simply fax your documents to us on 08435 240 179 or email scanned copies to and we’ll type them up and email the transcribed documents back to you.


UK based English speaking typists

Our dedicated typists are based in the UK and all have English as their first language. Whilst we can’t always complete with low cost transcription services in 3rd world countries with cheap labour, when you use our audio typing service you can be sure the work will be completed to the highest standards of accuracy.

Worldwide transcription services

Our online transcription services can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If your business is based in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia or New Zealand for example, and you are looking for 100% accurate English transcriptions, send us your evening work and we will type it up overnight (during our day time) and have it waiting in your inbox first thing in the morning.

No contracts, no commitment

Our transcription typing services are completely commitment-free. We don´t tie clients into lengthy contracts – you just pay for the secretarial services you require, by the minute, as you require them.

For more information about how XS Typing can help you:

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